Wednesday, June 30, 2010

My first post: YAY ITS A GIVEAWAY!

To celebrate my first post I'm having a giveaway!

Giveaway begins today and ends
Wednesday, July 14th at 11:59 PM
As long as your comment is posted by that
time then you are in!

The winner will receive from my Etsy shop:
-a 8X10 print of their favorite photo
-a 8X10 print of their favorite painting
-a 16X20 poster of their favorite pop art image
-a SURPRISE!!!---- all wrapped up in a nice little bow!

This giveaway isn't difficult. You don't have to tweet, facebook, and/or blog me, even though it would be appreciated!

All you have to do is follow my blog and visit my etsy shop:

and tell me which photo, painting, and pop art prints are your favorites and why!
The person with the best and informational response (that will also help me improve my shop) wins!!! Its that simple!
DON'T FORGET: to add your email or Etsy shop to your comment so I can contact the winner and get your address!
Winner will be announced by 9PM Thursday July 14th!

Total prize value: approx $70
and thats not even including the
free shipping and handling!!!

Photo: Seat Your A
Reproduction painting of John James' Audobon

Pop Art Print: Paris in Vegas

Hope ya'll enjoy and have fun with it guys!!!

Love me,
Amber Lee


  1. Despite the promo above, I love to feedback nice works found. So here it goes as you asked:

    Best painting: VIntage evening (love vintage style in all kind of way expressed. This landscape takes me to a calm, live-colour and no-one-else-in-here-place - there's what I call a "me-myself moment")

    Best photo: Seat Your A (I think those seats a place of diversity: different people sit there, comming from different part of the world, with different expectation of life, different reasons to get there and sit for a shot to celebrate something or to cry for. A place to think, to chat or just to stand for nothing.)

    Best Pop Art: Scrabble Love (is there any other way of expressing LOVE in a piece of art rather than with colours? I don't think so =D ) It transmits joy and sense of humor - LOVE IT!

    Congrats for the wonderful job! Wish you luck and nice experience with your blog!

    Regards and best wishes from BRAZIL!

  2. Congrats on your first post and your first giveaway! I found out about this because I follow you on Twitter. Okay, here goes:

    - my fav photo is The Lone Hibiscus - I'm a sucker for anything floral and pretty!
    - my fav painting is Audubon - I love the vibrant colours and the bird looks he has personality!
    - my fav pop art print is Scrabble love - I'm also a sucker for anything "love" related.

    Thanks again for this great chance at winning your art!

  3. Wow! A giveaway on your first post. Way to start off with a bang. Hard to decide, I love your works on book pages - brilliant! Guess my favorite is the set of flowers on the book pages ( So glad you found me. I'm right down 290 outside of Houston, but love Austin. "Keep blogging weird:)"

  4. Flirty Bird!

    It's my Mcfly. Well I guess not anymore since he flew away :(. I would like a large print so I can remember him.

    My favorite painting is the one I already have. :) "Sunset At Rainbow Bay"

    I really like "Candy Shop". It reminds me of how beautiful Wimberly is and at the same time it looks like a seen from a horrer flick.

  5. Hello...

    I love your shop.

    This is my favorite item, because i am a fan of black and white...8X10 photography prints. You choose any 4 (Black and white, Sepia, or antiqued)

    My suggestion for you might be to rearrange your pictures to break up the continuous line of simialar ideas...intermingle the "art style" more. Because I enjoy black and white, I almost didn't continue to scroll down because there were so many similar type pictures in a row and they weren't "my style", but because I was curious I did, and I found what I wanted, but you wouldn't want a customer to miss something they are looking for. Just a thought :) Otherwise great shop, great art and good luck

  6. Oops, by the way, I am following your blog and your twitter

  7. Congratulations on your first giveaway...
    I love Sunset at rainbow bay, it looks so peaceful and I can imagine myself there just sitting and taking it all in, reflecting on my life and how lucky I am to blessed with my son, family and friends.
    I also like number 13 it could be anything if you just imagine it, the front door to a spaceship the back door to a water tank...use your imagination.

    Your artwork is absolutely beautiful!
    I follow your blog too!

  8. Hey Amber,

    well, it's not easy to pick "a favorite"!

    I like your b/w photos as much as the others... but my favorite is the Seat your A- it's the melancholy that you caught PERFECTLY... the fact it's taken in one of the oldest bars in Texas makes it even more intense: these empty stools have a lot to tell.. many sad &/ or funny stories... of/ from many different people they are PURE MEMORIES... the b/w = room for anything & anyone...
    (my SECRET favorite photo is the HAWK though, of course- & you know why: it reminds me of a great evening... a trip in a blue truck... next to my American friend, this sweet Texan girl- thanks, I loved it! :)

    I like LOVE- it's love as it should be: in many different colors, a little up & down :D , its parts loose & individual(s) enough to be free... & letters on their own... but still a unit, a word...

    My favorite drawing is definitely HOPE! Because you can FEEL it.. just looking at it... clear & powerful black "lines of hope"... on such a "hope- (& color-) ful" background as it is, on this page from a book...
    It just LOOKS like HOPE: power- AND colorful! :)

    Beautiful artwork...
    Greetings from Germany!


  9. I’m a new blog follower and I love the Audubon painting and print – we used to have spoonbills in our pond next to our house in florida and this one really reminds me of “home”. I love all your photos too – they have a lot of… whimsy! The colors in your pop art prints are great too – I love the paris in vegas print – I like that there are only 4 repetitions of the picture – its so bright but not too busy!
    jenny.maurer84 at gmail dot com

  10. Hi Amber!

    My fav photo is Seat Your A- I love that it's b&w. It reminds me of all the happy times I've had over the years at various bars just hanging out with friends. It evokes so many good memories for me. :)

    My fav painting is Audubon-I love the bright colors. I just brings a smile to my face.

    My fav pop art print is Scrabble Love-I like anything that says love on it being such a hopeless romantic.